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3. Lhasa, "the capital of Tibet"

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Tsangpo River >>
Hotel in Lhasa >>
Jokhang Temple, Lhasa >>
Tibetan quarter >>
Lhasa: a bird's eye view >>
The Potala Palace >>
The streets of Lhasa >>
Tibetan pilgrims >>
Drepung Monastery >>
The Potala Palace (2)
Tibetan yak
Tibetan Plateau

Souvenirs that I brought from Tibet:

Ceremonial pot of Sakya Monastery

The Tibet weather in late August is not stable yet. The hot, high-altitude sun is shining (and an icy wind blows), and then the clouds crawl. Here are the walls of the Potala Palace at the sun:

The Potala Palace at the sun.   Author photo

This is a small monastery in the Tibetan quarter of Lhasa. It is convent. You can guess that it is the female, on a large number of flower beds with flowers and flower pots on balconies. Nuns weave trinkets made of wool and actively sell it their rare guests in their shop. I now also have two small green balls - they are for something good.

Convent in Tibet. Lhasa.          Author photo

In Lhasa, I bought a lot of good things: tanks (Buddhist icons, hand painted), even one oil painting. The tanks were bought in a special shop, not very expensive, but some work cost $100, some $10. Total I have got ten different tanks, including three very large. Now all these things must somehow pack, and it's time to go on from Lhasa.

Fluffy yak. And no one around, only his brothers and shepherd.

This is grazing Tibetan yak        Author photo

It is a typical view of the Tibetan Plateau. It is on the road from Lhasa to Shigatse:

Typical landscape of Tibet. Highlands, Highlands   Author photo

Tibet plateau is the Highlands - a very high land. The Himalayas - the highest mountains in the world - are located near Tibet.

Attention!  The Oxygen level in atmosphere of Tibet is max 70% of norm!

Checkup the health before your holiday in Tibet and arrange the acclimatization somewhere in Lhasa before you go higher.

Photos of the track and other feats in the Himalayas:
Vacation in the Himalaya mountains.

Continued. 4. Gyangtse, Shigatse >>

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